Maureen  Garrity  Photography

Equine Portrait Sessions

You and Your Horse

The outdoor environment can provide the freedom to photograph in a number of poses and situations to give a variety of photos capturing the personality and the unique qualities of your horse.  These sessions can include photos of you and your horse, can be photos specifically of your horse or a combination of the two.

Cheval Noir Session

The Cheval Noir portrait sessions are done in a barn setting against a black background to showcase the beauty of the horse.  These portraits hold appeal for many horse owners because of the dramatic look and feel to the photos. These portraits are wonderful at capturing the essence of the horse and the bond of the horse and owner. 

Cheval Noir requires specific lighting and may require specific equipment.  A pre-session barn visit is required to assess the location.

Celebrating The Senior Horse

These sessions are about capturing the beauty of our senior horses.  It is about celebrating their nobility as they are now.  They have a story to tell and through the lens we can capture elements of their story.

Pet Portraits

Photo sessions with dogs, cats or other pets can be done either outside or in the home depending upon the preference of the owner and pet.  If done outside, a location can be chosen that has significance or meaning to you and your pet and shows off his or her character.  These sessions can include photos of you and your pet, can be photos specifically of your pet or a combination thereof.


Photographing animals is quite different from photographing people.  Prior to the portrait session, we will discuss your equine or pet, their personalities and preferences in order to create the best experience for them during our portrait session and capture their personality.  It is also important for me to understand your interest in the portrait session, and what you are hoping for.


You will be provided with digital water-marked proofs for you to review, along with a consultation regarding your options for prints, enlargements or wall art.  There are many print sizes and products available for purchase, and I can assist you in selecting sizes and ways to display your photos.  Photo books are available as well.